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Search Results for: April 27, 2021

Opposing view: Treaty backers can't have it both ways

If the U.N. convention won't affect U.S. laws, how can it change other nations?

What Did New Yorks Primaries Mean for Progressives? Its Complicated.

Progressives cheered the results in down-ballot races and in Buffalo, even as the outcome of the mayoral primary appeared less rosy.

Can Massive Cargo Ships Use Wind to Go Green?

Cargo vessels belch almost as much carbon into the air each year as the entire continent of South America. Modern sails could have a surprising impact.

U.S. to Move Afghans Who Aided Troops to Third Countries

The move is meant to place interpreters and others who worked with departing American forces somewhere safe until visas for them to enter the United States are processed.

The Pandemic Seems to Have Made Childhood Obesity Worse, but Theres Hope

It points the way to some possible means of fighting it.

Seeking a House in the Bronx for $600,000. Which Option Would You Choose?

For their first purchase together, a couple sought to avoid co-op and condo boards, focusing instead on single-family houses. Heres what they could afford on their budget.

Judge John Hodgman on the Spaghetti-Forgetter

A reader is shocked by a friends lack of pasta knowledge.

The New York Times

Reginald Gibbons writes a collection of poems that are riffs, covers, borrowings and thefts, as he calls them. But then, they are always more.

3 Ways to Make Transport Climate-Friendly

Transportation is responsible for 16 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions. Here are three ideas that could help.

Miami Beach building collapse: Authorities begin rescue efforts

A\u00a0building partially collapsed in Miami Beach, Florida, early Thursday and prompted dozens of rescue units\u00a0to the scene,\u00a0authorities said.