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Easiest Jobs to Get

Food Delivery Driver - Great Bonus Pay!
Are you a delivery driver? Cargo provides a variety of every day items to sell to customers.

Earn extra money by sharing your space - Airbnb!
Have a house or place such as a couch or even tent? Make extra money renting it someone!

Give a ride and earn- Waze Carpool!
Get $20 bonus to drive OR a free ride. YOU CHOOSE the people you want to carpool with based on detailed profiles, star ratings, and filters like same-gender & coworkers only. Just open the app to see who’s on your route!

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Highest Paying

Mortgage Protection Sales Consultant
AM Modified Solutions is looking for highly motivated people to sell mortgage proctection plans for our customers. This individual will be responsible for calling customers, making an appointment with them, and meeting with them to offer them a custom service. Learn More

Health Insurance Agent
We are looking to hire a Health Insurance Agent to visit with customers and provide the best choices for them. If you are interested, please apply today! Learn More

Discounts & Free Stuff

Manna is distributed by the People’s Currency Foundation as a basic human right that every person in the world is eligible to receive, for free.

Hungry? Get $7 off your first order at Grubhub!

Get a free ride anywhere in your city with Lyft!

Get $10 in free groceries!

Get $10 free of Walmart Groceries!

Get $50 to open a Chime bank account and set up direct deposit! Get your paycheck up to 2 days early and say goodbye to ridiculous bank fees.

Get a $20 Gift card to Sams Club when you get a membership.

Gabi lets you sign in to your current auto insurance company, analyzes your coverage, and bam, helps you find cheaper coverage!

Get $50 on a $200+ hotel trip!!!

Melero Careers - Find not just a job, but a career!

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